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This avatar is ready for uploading once imported to your Unity project, provided that you installed the required items (more info down below). For the time being, the avatar is VRChat-tested and compatible. I cannot promise compatibility for any other programs. Desktop features like sitting animations are currently being worked on and will be available in an update!

You also get to join the Discord where you can look for assistance, commissions, or just want to chat and express your creativity!

Avatar Features

  • 3 premade texture sets.
  • Face and Eye tracking compatible (Tested using Quest Pro).
  • Simplified Substance file for tons of customization.
  • Over hundreds of blendshapes for fine customization of the avatar.
  • Physbones made for the ears, tail, fur patches, and paws.
  • Alternate ear mesh designs resembling a Hyena and African Wild Dog.
  • Combinable expressions to convey dozens of emotions.
  • Complete MMD support, including expressions!
  • Consistent updates and new addons!

What's in the package?

  • Avatar FBX file.
  • 3 premade textures.
  • Avatar Blender file.
  • Substance painter file.
  • Unity package.

Before you unpack...

You must have the following installed on a fresh Unity project before you unpack the avatar package.

If you plan on using Substance Painter, it must be the latest version (Substance 3D Painter. Not the Steam version).

Terms of Service

Purchases are NOT refundable.

What you can do,

Sell or purchase texture commissions for the avatar. Both parties (commissioner and artist) must have purchased the avatar.

Create apparel for the avatar and sell it as long as it does not contain the avatar or its components.

Make mesh modifications to it, as long that it is for your own personal usage.

Wear the avatar in all spaces in VRChat, including public. Remember to follow VRChat's guidelines.

Use the avatar for social media purposes such as TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

What you CANNOT do,

Upload the avatar publicly.

Redistribute the model to others.

Resell the avatar or its components.

Claim to be the avatar creator (please give credit where credit is due).

Remove the copyright mesh that is inside the avatar.

I want this!

Avatar FBX + Hyena and AWD Substance Painter FBX Variations, Unity package, Blender file, Substance Painter file, 3 premade textures + all-white variant

Join the Discord at checkout for help, updates, commissioning!
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Wolfman VRChat Avatar

130 ratings
I want this!